Intern Architect

Lindsay is a seasoned architectural professional with over 12 years of experience, blending her artistic vision with technical expertise to deliver outstanding projects. Initially drawn to art, Lindsay discovered her passion for both creativity and analytical problem-solving within the realm of design. This realization led her to pursue a career in architecture, where she seamlessly merges her love for drawing with her aptitude for mathematics. As a Project Coordinator at BHA, Lindsay oversees all facets of project management, from coordinating meetings to executing design work. She’s tasked with making sure multiple projects stay on track while meeting client needs effectively. Lindsay’s strength lies not only in her ability to infuse innovation into her designs and coordinate projects, but also in her genuine imagination and innate visualization skills. This versatile talent enables her to orchestrate seamless collaborations and bring ideas to fruition. In Lindsay’s hands, each project becomes a testament to her ability to harmonize ingenuity, vision, and coordination into a unified, exceptional outcome.

A little more: Lindsay Da Vinci? Lindsay enjoys painting (critics say she’s pretty good), longboarding, music and sneaking off to the beach when she can! Say it with us: Main. Character. Energy.